Do You Need a Trailer Park  Litigation Expert?

Do You Need a Trailer Park  Litigation Expert?

    If you live in a mobile home or trailer park and are having issues with the  park owners, is there anything you can do? What should you do? Where can you turn for help?  Should you even try? The answer is a qualified, “Yes!” There are legal remedies you can seek, and depending on the circumstance, you should seek to protect your rights with a Trailer Park Litigation Expert.  Knowing what options you have are key to having help with renters rights law.

The primary method to recoup compensation is a Failure to Maintain lawsuit.  In this type of lawsuit or litigation the main issues present as uninhabitable conditions, although the underlying issues are generally more of a failure to maintain.  True Failure to Maintain cases are often triggered by some of the situations listed below:

  • An unexpected and extraordinary space rent increase
  • Closing a park solely for a usage change
  • A special rent increase approval in an area that is rent controlled.  This is especially troublesome if it is a large increase and has a one time implementation
  • Subdividing a park in order to sell the lots to residents

    If you and other residents are considering taking legal action against your park owner, you should certainly consider speaking with an attorney who specializes in mobile home/trailer park litigation or renters rights law.   Some examples of reasons that residents could file, in addition to the above list would be if services or facilities are not kept up. Park owners must maintain the park infrastructure and facilities to the minimum standard that was presented at the beginning of occupancy.  Furthermore, according to the Mobilehome Residency Law, owners and operators are required to maintain the same level of services promised. (California State Senate Select Committee on Manufactured Home Communities).  If a park owner’s lack of maintenance has caused problems such as electrical blackouts, sewage problems, potholes, or non-functioning swimming pools, you may have a case.  However, it is important to note that park residents must provide the park’s owner or management with at least thirty days (30) notice that they intend to file a Failure to Maintain lawsuit.  There have been successful failure to maintain cases, as recently seen with the California Hawaiian mobile home park in South San Jose. This lawsuit against a mobile home park resulted in a $10 million award against the park  owner in 2017.


Mobile home or trailer park expert litigators are your best option to pursue any remedies against a park owner.  You may need the services of a renters rights law attorney.

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