How to Deal with Parking Problems in Your Mobile Home Park

How to Deal with Parking Problems in Your Mobile Home Park

Renter vs Management Issues

Mobile home communities are filled with a lot of movement and excitement. Interestingly enough, the mobile homes range from those that are rentals as well as the ones that are tenant owned. Due to the mobility of the home and the close proximity to the other homes in the area, parking can be an issue. Each mobile home community has a different set of rules that they would prefer you adhere to. A mobile home renter needs to be sure of the different rules that are required of vehicles and other modes of transportation.


Even though there may be some stipulations on the ways of living in your mobile home, there are certain laws that protect the tenants. Renters should be familiar with the renters rights law that exists in the state or county. No landlord can breach your privacy. Most tenants have vehicles that should be placed in previously earmarked places. It is important that you take into account those who live around you and do not block the roadways. If in violation of the parking regulations, it needs to be noted that the tenant has to be notified in writing.  Time must be given for the mobile home renter to remedy the situation before their vehicle gets towed.


If you are found to be in violation of the rules in the mobile home community, know your renters rights law. It may also be necessary to look into getting an experienced and qualified lawyer, known as a renters law attorney. They are familiar with the different laws that both the tenant and the landlord have to comply with.  It is the responsibility of a renters law attorney to keep both parties safe in the process of solving the issue at hand. Whether it is a simple violation by the tenant, or a landlord enforcing a rule too harshly or too soon, everyone has a set of rights to protect them. These rights are enforced for everyone’s protection. Consult with an attorney who deals with  renters rights law to assist you if you are having a dispute with your mobile home park management.

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