How You Can Stop Eviction From a Mobile Home Park

How You Can Stop Eviction From a Mobile Home Park




You come home after working a long, hard day and find a paper taped on your front door. You know what it means because you know your tenant rental for your mobile home has been late. The notice is an eviction from a mobile home park and as a mobile home park resident, you are subject to certain laws surrounding your rights as a renter.

In California, you have a chance to prove your rights as a mobile home park resident, by acquiring a renter attorney who can assist you in fighting the eviction from a mobile home park.

If you are a tenant in a mobile home in California, you have rights in accordance with the Mobile Home Residency Law. This is a piece of legislation that protects you, the renter, from tenacious landlords who knowingly break the law in enforcing their demands from their tenants.

In mobile home courts in California, landlords must have just cause for evicting the resident. A tenant cannot be evicted for an at-will reason. If this occurs, a renter attorney will certainly investigate the process the landlord has taken, protecting the tenant.

To begin, there must be a 60 day notification of eviction. After this period of time, landlords can then file a motion to evict, and the next step is eviction. The landlord must inform the resident of the reason behind the eviction motion. The tenant has seven days to make right on the violations as stated by the landlord.

With a renter attorney, you have protection against unfair treatment by a landlord or rental company. Know your rights to prevent eviction, and how you can act against the unfair eviction practices of landlords. This is your home and you have rights.


No one wants to be evicted. This is your home, your domain, where your kids live. You want them to be safe and happy. You have the right to protection by the law to prevent eviction from a mobile home park. This is your home. Don’t let unethical and illegal practices take it away from you.  Get in touch with legal help today.



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