Know Your Rights: The California Mobilehome Residency Law

Know Your Rights: The California Mobilehome Residency Law

If you rent in a mobile home park, you have many rights and responsibilities as a tenant that you may not be familiar with.  In California, these rights and responsibilities are covered by The California Mobilehome Residency Law, otherwise known as the MLR.  In addition, the MLR spells out your landlord’s responsibilities and rights as well. It is important that you understand these laws as they pertain to you and your tenancy within the mobile home park community.  

Under the federal Fair Housing Act it is illegal to deny tenancy based on race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, family status, or mental or physical disability. In addition, there may be  local ordinances or state laws which further prohibit discrimination in other areas.  Make sure that you are aware of your credit score before applying to rent, to avoid a nasty surprise. You can be declined as a potential tenant based on your credit history.  If you are declined due to your poor credit, the Fair Credit Reporting Act gives you the right to request in writing what the credit information was that they based declining  your application to rent. Mobile home park rental law Ca rights can be complicated to understand, you may need a mobile home tenant attorney Ca to assist you.   

Other rights as outlined in the MLR deal with tenants with disabilities.  If you or a member of your household has a disability, your landlord must make reasonable accommodations for you.  These accommodations could include installation of ramps.

Your rights entitle you to receive a notice of a claim of eviction and a certain amount of time to pay the unpaid rent, if that is the cause for eviction.  If it is for another reason, you must be given time to fix what has caused the breach of the lease.  Make sure that you have the correct understanding of your lease or agreement.  Contact an experienced and qualified mobile home tenant attorney Ca to assist you in understanding your renters rights.  Your lawyer will help to make sure that California mobilehome residency law is being applied legally and fairly to you, as a tenant.  Contact us for an appointment to discuss your situation today.  


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