Landlord Not Making Repairs? Here’s What You Can Do

Landlord Not Making Repairs? Here’s What You Can Do

Are you one of the thousands of mobile home residents experiencing problems with park management making repairs? Is your owner or operator negligent with their responsibilities and avoiding fixing repairs? As a mobile home renter, you have legal rights.

Definition of Mobile Home

Even though a mobile home does not have a permanent foundation, many are considered to be a  portable residence. The ability to connect to utilities makes it a viable option for year ’round living versus a recreational vehicle. Therefore many are considered to be real estate.  There are however; some exceptions. Older mobile homes are licensed under the DMV, as they are considered to be capable of being portable.

Contract Law

According to the California Department of Housing and Community Development (CDHCD), a mobile home renter has certain and specific legal rights. The California State Senate Selection Committee publishes the 2018 California Mobile Home Residency Law publication. On page 10, section (d) says, “A provision specifying that (d) it is the responsibility of the management to provide and maintain physical improvements in the common facilities in good working order and condition.”  Furthermore, unexpected and sudden breakdowns or repairs are subject to renters rights law as well. These conditions should be addressed in a reasonable time-frame.

Mobile Operator’s Management of Utilities and Common Areas

The law states, “The owner…shall be responsible for the safe operation and maintenance of all common areas, park-owned electric, gas, and plumbing equipment…” Park lighting, toilet and shower facilities, pool, spa and waste removal are also the domain of the park operator.

Attorney Services

So what should you do if your owner fails to make repairs? Consult with a renters law attorney who can interpret your lease and inform you of the local, state, and federal statutes. A renters law attorney specializes in land sales, property management, negotiation, and lease disputes. He or she  can draft the mandatory legal forms needed for court proceedings, if it becomes necessary.  Or, the attorney may be able to negotiate on your behalf for an equitable resolution without going to court.  

Legal aid organizations and the American Bar Association have attorney listings. The Mobile Home Assistance Center in Sacramento offers assistance with renters right law. You don’t have to handle disputes on your own, though.  These matters can be quite difficult and complex.  Mobile home laws vary by jurisdiction,  such as county or city.  A mobile home renter should consult with a real estate professional, an attorney who handles renters rights law.

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