Mobile Home Leases – Know Your Rights

Mobile Home Leases – Know Your Rights

3 Things Every California Mobile Home Tenant Needs To Know About

California tenant laws can be overwhelming for those who are unfamiliar with them. Despite this, these laws were established for providing a basic framework of rights for mobile home leases, as well as general tenant rights. The Mobile Home Residency Law is specifically for mobile home owners and tenants. If you are leasing a mobile home, or are a tenant in California, there are three things you should be aware of concerning your rights under California Law.


There Are Differences Between Residential Lease Laws and Mobile Tenant Laws


There are many variations in the Mobile Tenant Law and standard California residential tenant laws. One key difference is that mobile home tenants may not use the same ‘normal’ repair and deduct options granted to residential tenants. In California, the repair and deduct option grants tenants the right to deduct costs of necessary repairs from their rent payments if written notice of necessary repairs has been sent to the landlord, and they choose not to repair the stated items. Although this option isn’t available to mobile tenants, they can still file a complaint with the California Department of Housing. You may need to consider contacting a California Tenant Lawyer.


Mobile Home Leases and Security Deposits


Mobile home tenants are protected under California law with regard to the amount mobile tenants pay upfront for security deposits. Trailer park owners are not allowed to charge tenants more than two months’ rent for security deposits. Also, Mobile home leases must include a stipulation which requires Trailer park owners to provide tenants with at least 90 days written notice prior to increasing rent. Mobile tenants have 30 days to review this increase with the option to terminate their long-term lease and enter into a month to month tenancies. If for some reason your landlord will not enter you into a month to month agreement, contact a California tenant lawyer.


Evictions And Mobile Tenants


Trailer park owners are only allowed to evict their tenants for cause, meaning tenancies are not terminable at the will of the landlord. Furthermore, tenants must be given a 60-day notice of the landlords’ intent to terminate the Mobile home lease agreement.



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