Mobile Home Tenant Attorney Ca: Advice on Evictions

Mobile Home Tenant Attorney Ca: Advice on Evictions

Eviction can be scary and one of the very worst things you can go through!  If you’ve received a notice to pay rent or quit from your mobile home park owner, you may be extremely frightened and not know just where to turn.  It is not necessarily true that you have absolutely no alternatives.  Many times, park owners and landlords are not in full compliance with the current California Mobile Home Residency Law (MRL).  Under this law, you have certain rights and responsibilities, which are clearly spelled out.  The eviction process is full of complexities.  Do  not attempt to handle this situation on your own – you may lose your home when you don’t have to.  There may be a solution right at hand.


There are many things which a mobile home park owner may do to try to get you out of the home, and they are not all legal.  For instance,  as covered by the California mobilehome residency law, or MRL, the landlord cannot lock you out, or make the home uninhabitable.  In addition, it is not lawful for them to threaten to call immigration officers, or ask law officers to arrest you for not vacating the property.  They may not have the utilities turned off, or lock you out without a court order.


According to the MRL, there are specific guidelines which must be followed.   Tenants have the right to “cure” the problem within a certain number of days.  If you are in a serious eviction situation with the owners of your mobile home park, contact Renters Rights Law today for a consultation about your case.  What you need is a mobile home tenant attorney Ca.  Don’t get frustrated.  Get informed.  There may be fairly easy fixes for your case.  We will fight for you and your rights.  Contact us today at Renters Rights Law to discuss your possible case.  Whether you are a tenant renting the mobile home in a mobile home park, or if you own your unit and are merely renting or leasing the space, we can help.  Our team is ready to advise you of your rights.


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