Pass Through Rent – Is it Legal?

Pass Through Rent – Is it Legal?

California Mobile Home Rental Laws Everyone Should Know

Renting a mobile home in California guarantees you the same rights as renting a house or apartment. In fact, you’re given additional protection including provisions such as the landlord must specify the amount of your deposit, why you’re being charged that amount, and the fees for late rent to name a few. You should always have a written lease with any rental property, but mobile home rental agreements are more specific under mobile home tenant law in California. Remember, you have responsibilities as a tenant, but this article will focus more on your tenant rights including the laws governing pass through rent.


If you’re not sure about your mobile home rental rights, contact a mobile home tenant attorney for more details. They have the knowledge and expertise to fight for your tenant rights in any instance. For example, pass through rent regulates the taxes associated with a property which shall be passed from a landlord to the tenant. A legal professional can help you understand the process along with your precise tenant rights. More importantly, California mobile home tenant law specifies your lease must cover termination of tenancy, renting a mobile home already in the park, and the amount of lot rental fees.


Did you know if you rent a mobile home that’s already in a mobile home park the park owner can charge other fees besides rent and for the space? That’s right; the landlord can charge you additional fees for water, electricity, gas, entrance fees, and trash collection. In addition, costs for improvements such as repairs or upgrades can also be passed along to the tenant. However, by law the park owner must provide you with a list of all of these fees before you move into the park. Plus, they must tell you under what conditions your deposit must be refunded in writing. A professional California mobile home tenant attorney will help you understand and exercise your mobile home tenant rights.


Contact the attorneys at Renter’s Rights Law for a free consultation and to discuss more details on your mobile home rental rights today. Their goal is helping you live happy in your new home with a full understanding of your tenant rights.



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