Q and A From a California Tenant Lawyer

Q and A From a California Tenant Lawyer

How Much Notice Does My Landlord Need to Give For a Rent Increase?

A 90-day notice is required for rent increases.  In other cases, fees such as those charged for water, sewer, and trash can be imposed with a 60-day notice. Other notices covered by a 60 day notice would include deposits for pool area keys or for increases in extra vehicle parking fees.


Do I have to be Offered a Rental Agreement?

Yes, California  Civil Code Section 798.18 states that the park owners must have a month-to month rental agreement and a one year rental agreement available for homeowners.  If the mobile home park is using a standardized form of rental agreement, is it must be up to date. The Mobilehome Residency Law , or MRL  ( Civil Code Sections 798.15) requires certain items to be included in a mobile home rental agreement. Requirements may change annually.


I Think My Park Doesn’t Have Correct Signage, Is This a Problem?

It can be.  Again, refer to the MRL for guidance.  Civil Code Section 798.28.5 permits park management to have vehicles towed from the park if in violation of parking guidelines, but only if the management has posted the signs specified in the vehicle code.  Signs must be placed at each entrance to the park.

Titles 22 and 24 of the California Administrative Code require two different signs to be posted in swimming pool and spa pool areas. Guest parking areas should be clearly marked, and the park should review posted rules regarding use of a shuffleboard court, billiard room or exercise equipment.


Can My Landlord Evict Me For Just Any Reason?  I Don’t Think they Like Me

    No, there are very specific guidelines under which you can be evicted.  Most commonly is for non- payment of rent, but other reasons might be not following the rules of the park, being a public nuisance or being considered a threat to the community.


If you have any problems with your mobile home landlord, you may need the services of a renters rights attorney.  The Mobilehome Residency Law is designed to protect you, the renter from bad practices by landlords.  It is very complex and you may need to have the assistance of an experienced and qualified renters rights law attorney.  


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