Things to Know About Mobile Home Renter Law in California

Things to Know About Mobile Home Renter Law in California

There are over four thousand mobile home parks also called manufactured home communities in California. Most of the mobile home owners live within these communities. California Legislature annually focuses on improving different state laws that apply to mobile home living. The Mobile Home Renter Law, otherwise referred to as the MRL in California entitles you to certain rights and obligations when renting a mobile home under the Fair Housing Act.

Terms of Rental Agreement

In California, the Mobile Home Renter Law California addresses issues such as mobile home and lot rental agreements, increases on rent, tenancy termination and renting a mobile home that is already located within a mobile home park.

Fees other Than Rent

When you rent a mobile home that is already in a mobile home park, you should expect to be charged fees apart from the rental price for the home and space. It is likely that you will pay a deposit for a security deposit , key fees and in addition to that parking and utility fees. It is important to know that before moving into the mobile home the possessor should explain all the fees. This is according to the law of mobile home renter law California.

Rent Increase Notification

The Law requires you be provided with a notice before rent for your mobile home is raised. There may be local ordinances which can control the rental rate increases.  

Tenant Rules

The law requires the rules to be fair and should apply to all those living within the mobile home park. The owner should provide you with the rules before you move into the home. When you violate the mobile home rule, you are likely to be driven out.

When entering into a mobile home rental agreement or lease, it is essential to have a mobile home tenant attorney CA offering you advice.  Some legal issues may need to be represented in a proceeding or in ensuring that the mobile home park owner does not take advantage of you thus the importance of the mobile home tenant attorney CA.

Contact us today at Renters Rights Law to discuss your possible case.  Whether you are a tenant renting the mobile home in a mobile home park, or if you own your unit and are merely renting or leasing the space, we can help.  Our team is ready to advise you of your rights.


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