What You Need to Know About California Mobilehome Residency Law

What You Need to Know About California Mobilehome Residency Law

Just like apartment, or traditional home renters, mobile home renters in the state of California have certain legal rights. It’s always a good idea to take the time to be become familiar with these rights so that you are not taken advantage of by an unscrupulous landlord.

What is the California Mobilehome Residency Law?

The California Mobilehome Residency Law (MRL) is found in the California Civil Code and is a group of laws specific to the special circumstances and qualities that arise with renting a home or space in a mobile home park. This law helps regulate the relationship between the Landlords and the Homeowners/Renters. It covers situations related to the written lease, park rules and regulations, park fees and charges, and park evictions. Park rules must follow the rules established in the California Mobilehome Residency Law.

Who Does the Law Protect & How?

The law was written to protect mobile home owners and renters who reside in mobile home parks. By establishing this law, landlords of mobile home parks are held accountable to the laws and must follow the rules which are established.

Mobile Home Tenant Attorney Ca

Are you planning to move into a mobile home park, and have questions about the legality of the lease? Are you a current tenant of a mobile home park and your rent has been significantly increased? Do the rules of your mobile home park frequently change, or have you been restricted from the common areas in any way? You may need to contact an attorney who specializes in mobile home tenancy law. If you are a mobile home resident and are in need of legal help you may benefit from contacting a Mobile Home Tenant Attorney Ca. These attorneys are specialized in mobile home residency law and will fight for your rights as a tenant.

Contact us today at Renters Rights Law to discuss your possible case.  Whether you are a tenant renting the mobile home in a mobile home park, or if you own your unit and are merely renting or leasing the space, we can help.  Our team is ready to advise you of your rights.


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