What You Need to Know About the MRL – Mobile Home Residency Law

What You Need to Know About the MRL – Mobile Home Residency Law

The state of California provides protection under the law for both mobile home park owners, and their tenants.  The MRL is considered to be part of the rental agreement or lease between the owners and their tenants. If you do not understand the information provided within the rental or lease documents it would be a wise idea to consult with an expert in tenant law who can assist you.  You and the park owner have certain rights and responsibilities under these laws. Understanding both your rights and responsibilities will ensure that you have the best chance for a good relationship with park management.


The MRL covers things such as how many days in advance you must be notified of a rent increase.  While there is no state mandated rent control, there may be local rent control which can affect your tenancy.  You must be notified at least 90 days in advance of any increase.


Other important factors covered by the MRL include:


  • Your lease or rental agreement may not have a provision where the tenant waives any rights granted under said law.
  • Termination of leases and rental agreements must follow the guidelines listed in the mobile home renter law California.  Valid reasons for termination may include non-payment of rent, illegal activities, and/or non-compliance of park rules, which must be in writing.  
  • As a tenant, you have the right to assemble peacefully to discuss issues within the park, or for social or educational  purposes. The MLR states that you may gather for any legal purpose, at reasonable times. The park owner may not charge you a cleaning deposit for a meeting of park matters, or political issues, as long as all park residents are included and at least one resident is in attendance.  
  • Upon the sale of your mobile home within the park, certain forms must be filed with the state Department of Housing and Community Development.  Disclosure statements to the new buyer must meet regulations under the mobile home park rental law as well.


In order to make sure that you have the best experience possible, from the start of your tenancy in the mobile home park, to the sale of your unit and the legal transfer to the new owner, it is wise to consult with an experienced and qualified mobile home park rental law attorney.  Contact Renters Rights Law today to discuss your case. Our team handles all areas of mobile home renter law California. We can help to make sure that your lease or agreements are in order and comply with the MRL. Don’t go this on your own, meet with an expert today.

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