Why You Need to Talk with a Mobile Home Tenant Attorney Ca

Why You Need to Talk with a Mobile Home Tenant Attorney Ca

As the renter of a mobile home within a mobile home park in the state of California, you have rights. There are laws in place to protect you as a tenant from being taken advantage of and to help you ensure that the living conditions are acceptable. For example, are there repairs needed on the property which have not been taken care of by the landlord? One option for getting help with this is contacting a mobile home tenant attorney CA. Owners of mobile homes are required by law to keep their property maintained as stated in the California Mobilehome Residency Law (MRL) which is governed by the civil code of the state of California.

Other issues may arise during your time of tenancy, as well. Has the amount of your monthly rental payment increased significantly? There may be information that a mobile home tenant attorney CA has that can help with this issue, as well. While the entire state of California does not have rent control laws, there are many places with local ordinances which regulate rent increases. Additionally, tenants must be provided with a 90 day written notice before such rent increases would go into effect and many individuals are not aware of these rules. The California mobilehome residency law can be very important in ensuring that things are being done properly.

One of the most daunting things that can happen to a tenant is for that individual to receive an eviction notice. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including failure to pay rent, illegal activity, or being in violation of park rules. This is a serious situation and one which requires swift action. It is highly recommended that you speak with a mobile home tenant attorney CA as soon as possible. There is a chance that the initial 3 day violation which was served can be “cured” and then eviction proceedings will stop; however, if you do nothing this type of situation could end badly. It is essential to know your rights.

Contact us today at Renters Rights Law to discuss your possible case.  Whether you are a tenant renting the mobile home in a mobile home park, or if you own your unit and are merely renting or leasing the space, we can help.  Our team is ready to advise you of your rights.


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